Guild Information


2017/2018 Steering Committee

(2nd year of 2 year term)

Catharine Wilson

(1st year of 2 year term)
Bonnie Taylor
Program Committee* Sarah Craig
Lois Wyndham
Member Services* Sue Barker
Barb Relf
Ingrid VanderMarel
* These groups will have one rep at all steering committee meetings

Other Committees/Positions


Ian Kay

Library Ronnie Stanley
Mary Besley


The Huronia Handweavers are an active and vibrant community of weavers, who, as a group, have a number of goals, including:

To encourage excellence in handweaving
To provide an educational forum
To host regular meetings to allow members the opportunity to exchange skills and ideas

Over the years the group has met in a variety of locations, including members' homes. Today, we meet on the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month, September through June, at the Simcoe County Museum. We have a positive working relationship with the Museum and our guild encourages its members to support the Museum whenever requested to do so. In particular the Huronia Handweavers mount an exhibition and demonstration each spring at the Simcoe County Arts and Crafts Association's Celebration of the Arts and participate in the annual Quilt, Rug and Craft Fair hosted by the Museum each fall. Members weave items for sale or display, and support the Guild by demonstrating weaving, helping people to try weaving on one of the table looms, chatting about weaving and the Guild, or handling sales.

Education in our group means not only helping our own members to learn more about their craft but also to reach out to the community. We assist the Museum with the dressing of their looms so they also can be used for public demonstration and teaching. In addition to our monthly program, the Guild has started hosting a biannual retreat where we can spend time sharing ideas and learning new techniques in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. We also arrange workshops for interested members on a variety of topics.

Our Guild is fortunate to have an extensive library, which is housed in our hall cupboard at the Museum and in our 2 library carts. These resources are available at each meeting.

This website for the Guild contains useful information for members: a link to our full library holdings, program highlights and schedules, upcoming events and photographs.

As a member of this Guild you will find that the rewards you gain will likely be directly proportional to your personal involvement in the group. We encourage you to volunteer and participate fully.

Join us at one or two meetings to find out what we are all about. If you want to join our group, click here to find a membership form.


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